Message from the Student Council President:

“Hi there future students of AIT!
As the Student Representative Council we offer help, advice and guidance to all students at AIT. We are the connection between students and staff, and we actively work on making your life at AIT as enjoyable as possible! We also plan social events every term so that students may mingle and engage with one another in a relaxed and fun environment. We are here to help in any way we can, so please feel free to chat when you see us on campus”

Mikhailia Katte, Student Council President 2015

Life @ AIT

From the moment you step out of the lift at AIT, you can feel the buzz of a student community that’s excited to be learning how to create amazing things in digital media.

Friends talking projects over in the large gathering spaces between classrooms, conversations and card games in the student lounge, and teachers showing people cool software tricks. There’s a hum of possibility in the air, whether it’s a conversation about where to go for lunch or the best way to animate a singing giraffe. The main thing you notice at AIT is that it’s a hands-on community.

There’s always someone around who’s willing to teach you how to do something or help turn your cool idea into reality. AIT students breathe creativity in an inspiring environment where everyone feels like part of a family.

Student Clubs

3d club (1)
Film club
Drawing club
Tabletop club
Fight club

AIT has several interest based social clubs where students can meet up and discuss their passions with like-minded creatives. These clubs give students the opportunity to push their creative boundaries and workshop ides for assignments and personal projects.

Here is Some Useful Information

Travel Concession Cards

Eligible domestic and international students may apply for travel concession cards at the AIT student services office.

Jivi – Online Student Portal

Jivi is where students and teachers share files and communicate about classwork, assignments and other educational matters. Students can also access private information and check their attendance, assignment results, class feedback, timetable, and tuition fee schedules.

Student Council & Social Activities

The student body is represented by the Student Council. In addition to giving you a voice at quarterly Academic Board meetings, they are responsible for organising various social activities such as barbecues, the Student Cruise and drawing clubs throughout the year. Get involved!

Career Development Assistance

When it comes to getting a job, preparation is half the battle. Our student services team are always willing to help you improve your professional portfolio, resume and presentation skills, to better prepare you for creative job interviews.

University Application Assistance

Our student services team also provides students with information on university pathways (both at Bachelor and Masters Levels). They’re also happy to assist you with finding the most suitable course for your needs, and lodging applications for further studies.