Our Students

Our students at AIT are bright, creative and driven individuals. They come from all walks of life, both internationally and domestically. They are aspiring artists, programmers or filmmakers and many have discovered new talents and passions with the digital field through their studies. All are exceptionally hard working and create a wonderful atmosphere on campus.

We aim to foster their unique talents and provide them with a platform to launch into a career in their chosen field. Below are some of our current students who gave us an insight into their career goals, passions and what they love about AIT. We are extremely proud to showcase some of their work that they created for class projects and in their spare time.

Featured Students

Nikkita Archer
Nikkita ArcherBIM (Animation)
I’m a third year Bachelor student, preparing for a Master’s degree and study abroad in Asia. View Profile
Joseph Foti
Joseph FotiBIM (Film)
In the future, I want to become a film maker, cinematographer or director. View Profile
Joshua Dickinson
Joshua DickinsonBIM
I’m interested in many creative things, whether it be music, games or film. View Profile
Karla Wilks
Karla WilksBIM
A student who enjoys video games, voice acting, film and animation. View Profile
Mary Hooper
Mary HooperBIM (Games)
I either want to work in 3D or the gaming industry…or something in film or maybe fashion! View Profile
Jessica de Leeuw
Jessica de LeeuwBIM (Animation)
I’m a graphic designer and illustrator who’s passionate about the creative industry. View Profile
Sagar Sidharth Singh
Sagar Sidharth SinghBIM (Film)
I am a very outgoing person, easy to get along with and always trying to help people in need. View Profile

PeeJay Svoboda
PeeJay SvobodaBIM (Film)
I’m a laidback fellow with a passion for creativity in a variety of mediums. View Profile
Massimo Presta
Massimo PrestaBIT (Mobile Apps)
I enjoy the challenges life brings every day, and of course I love good food and good wine! View Profile
Mark Quilter
Mark QuilterDiploma of Business
I want to get into Marketing and Advertising as I want to work in a creative field and that is where my strengths lie. View Profile
Steven Sinatra
Steven SinatraDiploma of Software Dev.
I want to be part of a technology based start-up. I want to be part of a company that changes the world! View Profile
Brandon Lucas
Brandon LucasBIM (Design)
I enjoy having fun and a good laugh, but design and work is my main focus in life. View Profile
Angeline Lazo
Angeline LazoBIM (Design/Animation)
I am a young student aspiring to become a graphic designer or illustrator. View Profile
Aaron Nyberg
Aaron NybergBusiness
My career goal would be to develop skills in the creative industry to become competitive in the business environment. View Profile
Mikhaila Katte
Mikhaila KatteBIM (Film)
A little girl with big hopes and even bigger dreams. View Profile
Jordan Berry
Jordan BerryBIM (Film)
I am an easy going guy with a variety of interests and skills. View Profile
Hugo Leitao
Hugo LeitaoBIM (Animation)
I’m passionate about arts and creativity. View Profile
Andre Victor Gutierrez-Bravo
Andre Victor Gutierrez-BravoBIM (Film)
Just a simple man making his way in the universe. View Profile
Piyatat Victor Limsila
Piyatat Victor LimsilaBIM
If you want something done well, do it yourself. View Profile
Benjamin Houghton
Benjamin HoughtonBIM (Film)
I never grew up, I learned how to act in public. View Profile