Our Philosophy

The Academy of Information Technology’s highest aim is to create job-ready graduates through industry relevant and flexible courses, practical teaching methods, industry interactions and personalised attention. Our learning environment remains centred on the care of each student and on service excellence. These ideals are infused in AIT’s Mission and Vision Statements:

Through industry-relevant courses, practical teaching methods and a collaborative learning space, we will provide a cutting-edge education and prepare you for career opportunities within the local and international creative industries.
AIT will be a specialist higher education provider in the local, national and international communities and an industry leader in creative digital media education. We will continue to be well-known for our academic quality, innovation, industry relevance and promotion of technical critique. AIT’s values of innovation, community, technical excellence and integrity will continue to embrace multicultural and international views.

The “AIT Experience” will be stimulating, memorable and fun with the close collaboration of the Student Council, industry colleagues and staff. AIT’s alumni will retain a sense of collegiality that will grow through their common sense of achievement and their individual interests. AIT will employ entrepreneurial spirit to develop a broad base of revenue and sustainability.