University Pathways

AIT’s Bachelor Degrees allow you to apply for entry into any Master’s programme in Australia. AIT also has specific arrangements with leading Universities such as UTS, The University of Sydney, the University of Canberra and many more

University of Sydney
Sydney College of the Arts Graduate School

AIT is proud to announce our new articulation with The University of Sydney’s postgraduate program. Graduates of AIT’s Bachelor of Interactive Media fulfil the academic entry requirements for a Master of Moving Image (MMI), offered through the University of Sydney (Sydney College of the Arts). To undertake this pathway, graduates will need to complete AIT’s Bachelor of Interactive Media and submit a professional portfolio.

For details about this pathway please contact our student advisers.

University of Technology Sydney

Bachelor of Science (various majors)

Graduates of AIT’s Diploma of Software Development may receive direct entry into the second year (worth 48 credits/8 subjects) of the following courses at UTS:

  • C10148 – Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (AC)
  • C10229 – Bachelor of Science in Games Development (AC)
  • C10152 – Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Diploma in Information Technology Professional Practice (AC)

For details about this pathway please contact our student advisers.


—— Pathways Into AIT——


INSEARCH is a registered higher education institution and pathway provider to the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). Graduates of the INSEARCH Diploma of Information Technology may receive up to 48 credit points (8 subjects) credit towards AIT’s Bachelor of IT (Mobile Applications Development).

MELIES School of Cinema and 3D Animation

MELIES is a high quality institution offering Brazilian Students practical, hands on courses in 3D animation.

AIT will offer students who have successfully completed the course “Voyage” (Diploma of 3D Animation) from MELIES, 2 terms/8 subjects (courses) of Advanced Standing towards AIT Bachelor of Interactive Media. Specific subjects will be determined by AIT on entry as appropriate to each individual student’s completed programme.

Crystal Education
Crystal CG is a comprehensive creative digital company, which provides services to visual technology and cultural communications for large-scale international exhibitions, governmental organizations and large enterprises. Crystal Education is the education centre of Crystal CG which provides current CG professionals and CG lovers with an ideal training base including digital visualization vocational education, academic education, long-distance education and book publishing.

Crystal Education set up institutes in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalian and Hong Kong, to cover their training in the north, east and south of China, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. With the rapid development of the CG Industry in China, over 30,000 of students graduated from Crystal Education. AIT is proud to be the only Australian education partner with Crystal CG . Students from Crystal who receive an average mark of 70% or higher will be eligible to receive 50% advanced standing in an AIT Bachelor or Interactive Media.

Kun Shan University
Kun Shan University is a dynamic technology focused university in Taiwan. AIT is proud to partner with Kun Shan University to offer their students various levels of advanced standing for AIT’s Bachelor of Interactive Media and Bachelor of IT (Mobile Apps Development).

—— English Language Partners of AIT——

Greenwich English College

Note that Greenwich has a special partnership with AIT that offers the following packaged incentives for students who undertake English + Bachelor programs:

  1. $2000 off AIT Bachelor Program
  2. Up to 8 weeks FREE ENGLISH classes
  3. $0 enrolment fee for AIT And Greenwich
  4. Free Cambridge Examination
  5. Issuance of COE for only $3000

Other Partners

For more information please contact our student advisers.