Being part of the AIT community extends well beyond the time that you spend on campus. Our former students are part of an interconnected AIT family that spans all over the world. Our alumni and their ongoing success is a true testament to the quality of AIT’s courses.

Some of them work for major international organisations like Disney, Pixar and a host of film and IT companies, while others have gone into business for themselves as freelancers. Here are a few of their stories, to give you an idea of the possibilities that await you as an AIT student.

When you’re a big success in animation, film making or digital design, don’t forget to let us know how you’re travelling!

Jenny Tao
Jenny TaoFreelance Designer
“I see myself as a designer, illustrator and animator. AIT really helped me develop my skills in these areas.”
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About Me

I am Jenny Tao from Taiwan. I now live in Sydney, Australia. I do freelance work as an illustrator, graphic designer and animator.

I am very creative, full of energy, easygoing and enthusiastic. I’m also very smiley and bubbly, and my mind is filled with crazy innovative ideas. I design on various media platforms, and enjoy web design, logo design, graphic design, posters, editing and illustration. On top of that, I produce great 2D and 3D animations.

I graduated with a Diploma of Interactive Media and Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media. I was an international student at the time, and used my training and skills from AIT to secure a career here in Australia.
I used the skills I learned at AIT to gain entry into a Masters of Animation at the University of Technology Sydney. I now choose to work as a freelancer because I enjoy the freedom that goes with picking your own clients and work hours. I do illustrations, designs and animations for different companies across different media platforms.

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I am also currently working as a designer and animator at Park My Van. In my role I create designs and short animations for advertising and branding purposes. It make me so proud to see my works being published and used in a real world business. Knowing that I can apply skills I learned from AIT anywhere I want makes me feel incredibly amazing.

AIT is definitely the right place to start your dream career. Unlike the other universities, AIT offers fast-track courses that lead you on the right direction in a short period of time. I got into a Masters of Animation at UTS after completing courses at AIT.

This lead me to my current position, which is the greatest thing that has happened in my study journey. Choosing AIT is the best decision I’ve ever made.

Lorenzo Nistri
Lorenzo NistriVideo Editor & Graphic Designer
“I’ve been living in Sydney for the last 3 years and at the moment I am a part time Video Editor and Graphic Designer.”

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About Me

I am Lorenzo Nistri from Florence, Italy. I started from a printing background and moved slowly into filmmaking. I’m an eager learner, and I’m always after a way to improve myself.

I’ve been developing a lot of different skills in multiple approaches to visual communication, specialising in graphic and videos. This led me to work in various roles in different companies.

At AIT I studied the Diploma of Interactive and Digital Media and The bachelor Degree in Interactive Media focused on Filmmaking. I used my time at AIT to set my foot into the field through internships that led to jobs. I also worked towards building my portfolio for my career after AIT.
Before finishing AIT I was already working in my actual job, I have been employed as Graphic Designer and Video Editor and I always freelanced in jobs of the same nature. Hopefully this path will bring me to expand my skills and knowledge.
AIT is a boutique School with a friendly and familiar environment. I chose AIT because I wanted an education that wasn’t unidirectional, learning skills in different areas of the multimedia arena. AIT introduced me to Filmmaking and made me realise that I didn’t want to be just a Graphic Designer.
Damar Kahuripan
Damar KahuripanGraphic Designer
“I’ve been living in Sydney for the last 3 years and at the moment I am a part time Video Editor and Graphic Designer.”
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About Me

Hello, I’m Damar Kahuripan from Indonesia. I’m a graphic artist/designer during the day, and a philosopher during the night. Just joking – I’m honestly a full-time graphic artist/designer.

However, that is actually what I do most of the time as a designer. I’m not just responsible for creating a design, and also the idea behind it. Maybe I’ll only create one picture, design or logo, but if it’s meaningful there will be a thousand pictures, designs and logos behind that finished product. I am everything you want from a designer: I work odd hours due to lack of sleep but I am full of energy, hyperactive, creative and in love with everything I do.

I was an international student, graduating from AIT with a Diploma of Interactive Media in 2012. My study at AIT was an eye-opening experience and a personal exploration. It was impossible not to learn something every time I entered the classroom.

If I wasn’t learning a new skill, I was learning a lot about myself. The time I spent in AIT gave me digital skills that are second to none. Most of all, AIT gave me the ability to be resourceful, and made sure I was a job-ready person once I graduated.

After I graduated from AIT, I used the skills and portfolio I had developed to gain entry to COFA UNSW for a Masters of Digital Media. Here, I had an opportunity to show my final animation work at the 2013 COFA Annual Screening, and also spent my time working as a freelance graphic artist/designer. I love this job, because it allows me to explore myself through art, and freelancing gives you a lot of freedom to do what you want.

I mostly do design, animation and video work for clients from a range of backgrounds, including well-established companies and bands looking for a chance to make it big.

AIT allowed to me to do what I love and gave me a sense of belonging. That make me feels great.

Opportunity is one of the reasons I chose AIT. They have a lot of industry connections, and people with the same goals and ambitions as you. AIT also gave me a chance to explore myself and my interests. They taught me principles and skills that were industry-relevant, not just cool things I wanted to learn. By the time I decided to go for my Masters at COFA UNSW, I was well prepared, as I had already learned the basics and more.

Choosing AIT as a place to study is one of the best things I ever did. It is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Monica Kristy
Monica KristyDesigner
“I want to contribute and be part of the new digital media stream in education and entertainment. I started my first steps with AIT.”

About Me

Hi, my name is Monica Kristy and I love every aspect of modern technology and its potential to educate and entertain.

My partner and two children have inspired me to start a career with this incredible technology creating e-books, educational games and apps. So, two years ago my journey began – starting with AIT.

Today I currently work as a digital designer for 2and2, a company that embraces this concept. I’m crazy in love with making an idea come to life and be interacted with. My main strength since employment is graphics for web UI and games assets.

In 2012 I enrolled for the Diploma of Interactive Media. When I begun I had very little knowledge of computers. I was very passionate and I made sure to pay attention so I could absorb everything and compensate for my limited computer literacy.

The course helped shape and inspire my curiosity for design. It equipped me with the qualities and knowledge needed that helped me land my first paid job with an awesome portfolio.

Within 3 weeks after completing my Diploma of Interactive Media at AIT I was in full time paid employment with the perfect Industry and Company (2and2).

The Art Director was so impressed with how much I had learned in just one year. I showed my online portfolio of all my works from AIT. It covered all areas needed for the job role.

The job is so cool, so when I was asked if I’d be interested to come back after having my baby in January, I did!

Within my job i do a range of things. On one day I’ll be making the User Interface for a large CMS site as well as developing the infographics for a Flash animation and video capture tutorial, the next, branding educational game apps for teens, icons and badges or illustrating never seen before science for the ABC splash. Every week is something new and challenging.

2and2 work with education and it is exactly where I want to head. Soon I plan to release a game app made with my partner and children and that will be the start of many more to come.

It’s exciting to know that in as little as 1 year and 2 months with AIT you’ll be on your way to a qualification. Add a short time more and you can complete study to a Bachelor level, be in the workforce or even on your way to more in depth studies.

Choosing AIT helped fast track me to my career starting with their Diploma course. AIT also connected me with an internship that sharpened my communication skills for real work, and always find opportunities for their student.

The Academy of Information Technology has a personal touch like no other and an intimate campus that allows friendships to grow. These are details I hold with high importance. It is a real bonus to be taught some subject from previous students. They hold a unique compassionate, communication style that helps you believe it will be possible (because the proof is in the pudding.)

Matthew Wood
Matthew WoodProgrammer
“I am a hard worker who enjoys the challenges of creating new products from my original ideas.”

About Me

My name is Matthew, I’m a programmer from Sydney working full time as a Web and Mobile developer. I am a hard worker who enjoys the challenges of creating new products from my original ideas. Building and creating websites and mobile applications is my goal. I also love Baseball.

At AIT I graduated with a Diploma in Software Development. I made some great new friends who I still see regularly since finishing. AIT was a really great place to meet people who are interested in the same things that excite you. AIT became a second home where I felt welcomed no matter whom I was with.

The skills I learnt from AIT helped me to find a wonderful job, where and have joined an amazing team who all aspire to create great original products and have a lot of fun in the process. I have now excelled past my expectations. I now have a career which I am excited to build upon going forward.

AIT is the perfect choice if you want to start programming. It gives you fantastic building blocks to become a programmer quickly and efficiently. AIT offers a great range of subjects from Application Development all the way through to Game Development.

This is the perfect stepping stone for your career, or into a University to continue your studies. Without the amazing support of the teachers and the great atmosphere from AIT I would not have been able to excel in the field like I have.

Mariana Aimone Santos
Mariana Aimone SantosGraphic Designer
“My career has taken me to different parts of the world – Australia, Brazil, France. I am living in Sydney, where I work as a freelance professional.”

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About Me

I am Mariana Aimone Santos from Brazil. I am a graphic designer with a background in Advertising and Communications. I specialize in web design and brand identity.

I enjoy working with different clients from around the world as it allows to me to combine my passion for design with my language and interpersonal skills.

I was an international student at AIT between 2009 and 2011. At AIT I was exposed to the latest web technologies and graduated with a Diploma of IT (Multimedia) that helped me change my career path for the better.

My career has taken me to different parts of the world – Australia, Brazil, France. I am living in Sydney, where I work as a freelance professional. I started doing printed projects, but now I focus mainly on web design and user interface design.

After graduating from AIT I have worked with a great variety of industries that include pharmaceuticals, legal, fashion, health and beauty and home made goods.

I chose AIT to broaden my career choices and strengthen my path. The course I took at AIT enhanced my skills through a combination of the most up to date technologies which resulted in me achieving my goals.

I was extremely pleased with my experience with AIT and would recommend it highly to anyone looking to gain more multimedia skills.

Albert Sindutomo
Albert SindutomoFilm maker and multimedia designer
“I’d consider myself, at the moment, as an independent filmmaker and freelance multimedia designer. “

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About Me

Hello! I’m Albert Sindutomo from Indonesia. I studied a broad range of the multimedia industry, from graphic design, motion graphics, and moving images. Although I still do graphics and web design projects, now, I focused my work more on video & films, I work on projects ranging from video productions to editing. To fulfil my own creative needs, I also write,direct, and edit my own short films and documentaries.

I always learn something new from every production. I believe the more films I make, the better filmmaker I’d become. The best way for me to learn is to actually do it, to see what went wrong, and to learn how to fix it; this is how I try get better.

I started AIT in the Diploma of Multimedia course and continued with the Bachelor of Interactive Media focused on film making. The first time I was at AIT I knew that I wanted to be in the creative industry, however I wasn’t sure in which area specifically. Along the course I started to know where I want to go, what suited me the most. When I finished the diploma, AIT gave me options of paths that I can focus on, and I chose film making.
With the skills I acquired from the diploma, I started working as a freelance multimedia designer, from graphics, motion graphics, to animations. Then, after the bachelor course, I involved myself more on video production projects, mostly editing. I also keep making short films, and I’m proud to say that one of my film assessment from AIT was screened in a film festival in the US. Now, I’m enrolled in the Masters of Film and Digital Image in the SCA, the art faculty of The University of Sydney, With the basics I got from my AIT days, I am doing quite well and I hope to establish myself as a more competent film maker in the near future.
AIT gave me options, pathways, and knowledge. I later realised that I was well-prepared for the industry and for further education.

About Me

Hello! My name is Anthony Muscat. I am an Australian citizen and was born & brought up here. I studied a wide range of multimedia subjects at AIT from 2005-06. I currently work with a professional services firm, e-strategy group as a senior account manager.

I started at AIT in 2005 with the Diploma of Multimedia Integration and then completed the Advanced Diploma in Game Development in 2006.
After graduating, I worked for one and a half years teaching at AIT and then went on to work for a digital marketing firm Wasabi Digital. I started there as a flash developer, then moved on to a project management role and was later promoted to an account manager position.

I now work with e-strategy group as a senior account manager taking care of the digital side of things.

My main reason for choosing AIT was the motion capture facility which I think is a really cool technology. AIT gave me a broad understanding of many different subject areas including graphic design, web development, project management, game development and 3D Animation which has helped me a lot in my career.
Kidakorn Tangsucharittham
Kidakorn Tangsucharittham3D Artist
“After I confirmed my love in 3D, I have challenged myself to get into the field.”


About Me

I am Kidakorn from Thailand. I came from programming background which is not my true self. I spent my years in bachelor degree to find who I am, and then I ensured my interest in 3D animation. Now I am really happy that I have opportunity to study 3D and I will continue on this path.

I graduated from AIT with Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media. I was almost unexperienced in the field when I started the course, but I slowly developed my related skills to produce a good piece of work. AIT really gave me essential foundation for my future career.

I went to UNSW Art & Design (COFA) for Masters of Digital Media after I graduated from AIT. Past experience guided and helped me to study in the degree. It made me learn faster because I already have background. I now almost graduate UNSW Art & Design and start looking for a position in 3D company.

I once went to an educational event which AIT also exhibited in. AIT was prominent among my listed choices of college in term of courses and subjects they provide. Also I would like to achieve at least foundation before I enter to the Master degree in short time. After considering from related factors, I chose to study here.