Virtually Augmented – Business, Design, Engineering streams

Following the success of Australia’s largest AR/VR MeetUp on January 2016, the Academy of Information Technology hosted second Sydney’s meetup on Friday September 16 2016.

The event featured demos of cutting-edge immersive visual effects technology and panel discussions on the latest in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Industry, students and public attended to discuss and showcase the ground-breaking technology that is changing the way we view the world!

We were delighted to welcome one of the most esteemed VC’s involved in Virtual Reality, Marco DeMiroz from Silicon Valley. Marco was involved in raising capital for Jaunt VR with a $65M raise and Next VR for $30M. He is curious to see what Australia has to offer and our bet is that he will be pleasantly surprised.

In addition to Marco we also hosted Brett Leavy of Virtual Songlines. This is a truly inspiring and technically impressive gamification of Australia as it was before European settlement. What Brett Leavy has achieved with his team is very impressive.
Internet veteran Skeeve Stevens also took the stage to give his version of growth in the 360 and VR industries and what consumers and corporates are responding to. His talk covered wide-ranging topics and was peppered with strong opinions on what opportunities are in the market over the next 12 months.

Peter Cameron, AIT Dean of Studies says:

”We are pleased to be hosting the Sydney VR/AR Meet-up again; it’s like having an entire industry around for a chat. There will be discussions on creativity, design, and engineering issues in virtual and augmented reality. This time, there will be a venture capital slant, with one of the U.S.’s most influential venture capitalists in the area coming along. I think the mindset and attitude from his talk alone will make it worth coming. Hope to see you here.”

Scott O’Brien, head of Augmented Reality OMG says:

‘Melbourne and Sydney have been host to a number of world leading Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) companies in the past 6 years. It is our goal to bring the creative professionals responsible for these incredible advances into one creative space to start meaningful discussions on the creative and commercial opportunities within our world’.

With a globally unique cross pollination in world-leading arts and technology, Australia is poised to be the epicentre of AR and VR with the next 6 months of co-ordinated activity.”

“With co-ordinated activity from startups, investors, buyers and government, Melbourne will challenge Sydney and may capitalise on being the #1 city in the #1 new form of media, creating many interesting and sustainable jobs and creating something that silicon valley, LA, NY and London envies, yet cannot copy.”