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Animation isn’t just about Pixar films and kids’ cartoons. With digital media becoming more and more important to the way we communicate, there are plenty of opportunities for talented artists to turn their passion into a career that extends beyond the big studios. AIT’s animation and digital media courses are designed to prepare you to succeed anywhere animation skills are needed – whether that’s interactive advertisements, educational software or viral videos.

The fact that you can create something from something as basic as a cube. The fact that you can, in a way, create life, express your feelings and thoughts into a character that just get molded from your creativity and imagination, is just very appealing!
Hugo Leitao

The Diploma of Interactive Media is a one-year course in animation that is entirely hands-on, providing plenty of practical experience in a wide range of interactive media. You will build a well-rounded skill set while learning key animation techniques such as timing, lighting and 2D Animation, movement, rendering and creating fantastical digital fantasy worlds.

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Course Overview

Some of the greatest stories ever told were the cartoons and animations that have stood the test of time. 2D story telling is loved the world over, for its simplicity, depth of character and creative possibilities. These days, 2D animation extends beyond the staples of Disney and childhood heroes. Japanese anime and manga are global phenomenons and 2D content is used in many avenues, including advertising, video games, web promotion and brand creation. 2D animation is for those who want to learn animation using traditional 2D techniques (but with modern tools). Students who take this path will have interests in things like drawing, character development, character animation, story and directing. Students will end up with a strong base of fundamental animating, and storytelling principles.

Our range of digital media subjects mean you will combine these techniques with skills from related disciplines. Originate and develop concepts in Pre-Production. Manipulate vision and sound in Screen Editing. Test games and interactive media in our Virtual Worlds subject.

Undertake a course of 8 subjects over two terms. You will have 16 hours a week contact time with teachers and fellow students in addition to personal project development time.

Everything at AIT is aimed at getting you ready for a variety of roles in the digital industry. Our courses are outcome-focused, with specific subjects relating to the construction of a portfolio and social media branding, with an emphasis on finding work after graduation.

Subject Units – Diploma of Interactive Media

Term 1 Digital Storytelling Creative Drawing Shooting and Editing Animation
Term 2 Screen language Digital Images Game Design 2D Animation

Not everyone knows what they want to do when they embark upon a course of study. If you get to the end of our entirely hands-on Diploma of Digital Media Technologies and find out you’re keen to add some theoretical knowledge to your solid base of practical animation skills, we have designed a path for you.

Most students choose to continue their studies by progressing into AIT’s Bachelor of Interactive Media. You will receive credit for eight of the 24 subjects in a Bachelor – that’s equivalent to your first year of study. This means you can graduate with a Bachelor Degree AND a Diploma in the same time it takes to complete a standard Bachelor.

Other students want to gain postgraduate qualifications as soon as possible. You can follow your Diploma with our Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media, which takes eight months to complete. From there, you can move straight into the University of Sydney’s Graduate Certificate of Interactive Design and Electronic Arts (IDEA) course, then into a Masters. That means you don’t have to undertake a full Bachelor course to do your Masters, and can study at Sydney Uni after being at AIT for only five terms! Note the IDEA program requires a distinction average.

Beyond the obvious opportunities at big international animation houses like Pixar and Dreamworks, there are plenty of places where a skilled animator is welcomed. Visual effects now make up a major portion of the media we consume, whether that’s on the big screen in a cinema or a pop-up ad in our internet browser. The advertising industry uses a lot of animations, from friendly aliens selling insurance to wacky animals promoting breakfast cereal, and seemingly unrelated industries such as architecture and education often make use of animators’ skill sets.

Every time you see one of those pop-ups on TV to tell you what’s coming up, or an information visualisation with a voice-over that explains a complex topic, someone was paid to create it. Once you start looking, you’ll see animations all around you!

Career animators often don’t complete the whole process within a work, instead specialising in a particular step along the production pipeline. You might find yourself working as a character designer, storyboard artist or compositor.

AIT has connections to cool animation houses and relationships with industry groups such as the Australian Interactive Media Association (AIMIA) . That means we can put you in touch with companies and talent scouts before you even graduate! Continue Reading..

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Every year, AIT awards amazing students who demonstrate their extraordinary work ethic and talent when applying to study with us.

The initiAIT scholarship is for new undergraduate students commencing at AIT Bachelor Degree in the 2017 academic year. This scholarship is only available to domestic students. Recipients of this scholarship will be awarded an $8,000 discount off their tuition fees (50% applicable for their first term and 50% for their last term of their Bachelor Degree).

For more information, head to http://www.ait.nsw.edu.au/scholarship/.

Meet Our Students

Nikkita Archer
Nikkita ArcherBIM (Animation)
3rd year Bachelor student preparing for a Master degree and study abroad in Asia. View Profile
Jessica de Leeuw
Jessica de LeeuwBIM (Animation)
I’m a creative graphic designer and illustrator who’s passionate about the creative industry. View Profile

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