Diploma of Digital Design

Our world is made by designers. Everything we see, from websites and advertisements to games, film and product logos, was crafted by someone who made decisions on colour, layout and style.

This new course focuses on both traditional and digital design principles. Hone your design skills and learn how to translate content into visual form for effective communication and arm yourself with the skills to establish a career in the burgeoning design industry.

I have been fortunate to work within the creative industries for most of my adult life, and with a passion for animation, design, costume, textures, colour and storytelling, I appreciate the quirky and interesting things in life. I am always amazed by endless possibilities that the digital world has opened up. My goal as a teacher is to inspire and encourage students to discover, learn and create in the vibrant and challenging AIT environment.
Sharon Sanders, AIT Design Coordinator
The Diploma of Digital Design is a one-year qualification with a hands-on focus, supplementing theory with practical experience in a wide range of design principles. Learn key design elements such as interface design, digital images, typography, design thinking, advertising and creative drawing, and have the flexibility to electivise your study, building a broad knowledge base in related areas within the digital world.

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Course Overview

The Diploma of Design in a new course that will be offered from July 2015. Taking you from core principles to advanced techniques, we cover a broad range of skills to prepare you for any creative task. Strengthen your design thinking while covering all facets of digital design. Whether you’re interested in studying traditional design, branding for products, web interface or even creating imagery for interactive game worlds, this course will build your design skills in the digital arena.

Undertake a course of 8 subjects. You will have 16 hours a week contact time with teachers and fellow students in addition to personal project development time.

Our courses are outcome-focused, with specific subjects relating to the construction of a portfolio and becoming a job-ready graduate.  You will graduate with an impressive collection of design pieces, showcasing a range of styles, principles and elements that tell the world you are a master designer.

Subject Units – Diploma of Design

Year 1
Term 1 Design Principles Creative Drawing Digital Images Communication Theory Design
Term 2 Design Thinking and Processes Digital Illustration Shooting and Editing Interface and Experience Design

AIT’s Diploma of Design is a great choice for digital designers who wish to study design but are not sure if they are ready to undertake a whole undergraduate qualification. Successsful completion of this course, will give students the opportunity to move straight into the second year of the Bachelor of Digital Design at AIT.

Masters of the discipline that underpins everything else we do in interactive media, digital designers bring information to life with interactivity and aesthetically pleasing interfaces. As magazines place more importance on tablet editions and enhanced content, graphic designers are called upon to bring the same level of professionalism as they do to the printed page. That’s where you will have an advantage over old-school designers vying for the same roles.

Digital design also extends to ensuring websites are customised for ease of access as well as looking great, and crafting the interfaces that make apps such an attractive proposition in the digital space.

You could also embark upon a valuable and rewarding career as a social media content creator, viral marketer, desktop publisher or digital illustrator. With almost every industry you can think of trying to carve out a place for themselves in the online world, there are more opportunities for someone with your training than ever before.

In addition, AIT’s Industry Liaison Director can connect you to numerous internships that means you’ll have inside access before you even start your career! Continue Reading..

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Every year, AIT awards amazing students who demonstrate their extraordinary work ethic and talent when applying to study with us.

The initiAIT scholarship is for new undergraduate students commencing at AIT Bachelor Degree in the 2017 academic year. This scholarship is only available to domestic students. Recipients of this scholarship will be awarded an $8,000 discount off their tuition fees (50% applicable for their first term and 50% for their last term of their Bachelor Degree).

For more information, head to http://www.ait.nsw.edu.au/scholarship/.

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