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Kick start your creative career with AIT’s industry recognised digital media courses!

Developed in consultation with the industry, our digital media courses are crafted to give you the best possible grounding in a constantly expanding and exciting field. Using the latest in tech, software and interactive theory, we prepare you for a rewarding career in animation, game design, film making, web design, 3D modelling and TV production.

Interactive media impacts our lives in many ways, constantly shifting and reshaping the way we absorb information and entertainment. It’s an endlessly innovative sphere that requires flexibility and cross-platform skills – which is exactly what AIT offers.

Smaller classes mean you can liaise directly with teachers to focus on the course elements that interest you – as well as cross over into other areas. Become a knowledgeable and trained professional thanks to our hands-on, practical courses that will show you how to create meaning and connect with audiences across the world.

The opportunities are limitless, and there’s never been a better time than right now to launch your career in interactive digital media. Our industry-active teachers lead a welcoming and diverse learning environment, where you will pick up valuable skills and produce a slick and professional portfolio to show future employers.

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Why Study Digital Media at AIT

  • Industry-active professional teachers
  • Outcome-focused, practical coursework
  • Cutting-edge tech, software and gear
  • Industry interaction and internship opportunities
  • Smaller classes for a personalised education
  • Flexibility to follow your interests
  • Rewarding, friendly learning environment
bachelor in digital media

Bachelor of Interactive Media

Whether you have a specific career goal in mind or want to explore a range of study options before settling into a specialisation, the Bachelor of Interactive Media is a great way to learn a broad set of related skills that build to a strong knowledge base. Pick up animation and film-making techniques, learn some programming, create a game and learn some web design skills on your path to digital creative success.

During this course you will undertake 24 subjects that cover a huge range of digital skills and methods. All Bachelor of Interactive Media students will undertake the same 10 core subjects, leaving you with 14 elective subjects that will form your specialisation.

Specialisations Include:

Diploma of Interactive Media

This Diploma has a hands-on, practical focus that doesn’t require you delve into theory before getting to the good stuff. This digital media course will stand you in good stead when it comes to building experience across a range of creative fields and putting together a portfolio to show future employers the expert skills you have picked up during your time at AIT. Learn the ins and outs of animation, film making, game development, digital design…or a combination of all four!

After your Diploma you may continue into a Bachelor of Interactive Media and receive credit for 8 subjects you have studied. Within the Diploma, you may choose one minor subject that allows you to focus on 2D Animation, 3D Design, Film & Video or Game Design.

Minor Subjects in:

diploma in digital media

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of Our Best Student Work Is Featured Below.

Learn how to make amazing animations, films & games like these in a short period of time by studying digital interactive media courses at the Academy of Information Technology. Learn the Art of character modelling, rigging, motion capture and rendering, create virtual worlds & more!!

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Keen to learn skills in creative drawing, 3D modelling, game design, film editing, digital design or app development? Join us at the Academy of Information Technology for a FREE one-day workshop so you can explore your creative potential.
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Careers in Digital Media

A lot of industries talk about hiring “digital natives”. As managerial types age, they find themselves needing employees who can handle the constantly shifting and evolving terrain. That’s where being a digital jack-of-all-trades will come in handy, allowing you to move between relevant and related roles within a company, where someone with a more hyperfocused skill set would struggle.

Often, these days, when someone says they’re hiring an “IT person”, they also want someone to run social media, provide enhanced content for the company website and troubleshoot design failures.

careers in digital media

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