Bachelor of Interactive Media (Specialisation: Film & Video)

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If you want to study film making, then AIT’s Bachelor of Interactive Media with a specialisation in Film making is one of the best course options.

The boundaries of technology expand every day, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the world of interactive media and film. Australia’s movie industry is booming, and beyond that, great film-makers are being sought after by a range of companies, meaning there are lots of ways to turn your passion into a career.

Over 80% of the media that Australia produces is consumed outside of our nation, and the need for quality storytelling through film, TV and online video has never been higher. At AIT, we offer a first-rate education that will arm you with the ability to thrive anywhere film-making skills are needed – from feature-length movies to event coverage to viral videos.

Whenever I needed help or feedback, I could reach lecturers very easily. I had a great student experience at AIT. I’m really happy with my results and the works I completed.
Rachel Shin, Bachelor of Interactive Media
The Bachelor of Interactive Media is a three-year (or two-year accelerated) degree with a hands-on focus, supplementing theory with practical experience in a wide range of digital media. Flexibility means you can choose from a range of electives, building a solid knowledge base while learning the key film-making techniques required for projects as varied as short films, online videos, music videos, live-action drama and documentaries.

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Course Overview

Your specialisation will give you the ability to take on many roles within the film-making process. Beginning with scriptwriting, storyboarding and character development, you will have the opportunity to be a producer, director and cinematographer on your own movie, as well as collaborating with other students as part of a team to gain experience of how the the real-world industry operates. Beyond that, you’ll master the editing suite and use green screen special effects technology to bring new dimensions to your work.

Our wide selection of interactive media subjects means you will combine these techniques with a range of skills across the digital sphere. Merge film making with animation to give your stories a range of new possibilities. Give videogames a cinematic narrative. Design your own titles and credits with our title and credit design subjects. Everything at AIT is designed to get you ready for a variety of roles in the digital film industry.

Undertake a course of 24 subjects – 16 core and 8 electives based on your specialisation. You will have 16 hours a week contact time with teachers and fellow students in addition to personal project development time.

Our film courses are outcome-focused, with specific subjects relating to the construction of a portfolio and social media branding. You will graduate with a collection of films, edited pieces high quality pieces to showcase to future employers. We place an emphasis on finding work after graduation and give you the opportunity for industry internships in your final year.

Subject Units – Bachelor of Interactive Media (Specialisation: Film Making)

Note: Class choices are flexible, and subject to change based on your preferences. AIT has roughly 60 digital media subjects for you to choose from.

Year 1
Term 1 Digital Storytelling Creative Drawing Shooting and Editing Animation
Term 2 Screen Language Digital Images Game Design Cinematography
Year 2
Term 3 Digital Pathways Design Principles Digital Audio Design Screen Production
Term 4 Entertainment and Media Elective* Motion Graphics Advanced Screen Production
Year 3
Term 5 Decoding Media Elective* Elective* Elective*
Term 6 The Forge The Forge The Forge The Launchpad

Budding film makers who do our Bachelor of Interactive Media are qualified to apply for entry into any relevant Masters program in Australia, subject to the specific application process of the university.

As our culture becomes more visual, and evolving technology makes it easy to get moving pictures onto every screen from televisions to smartphones, the role of the film maker has never been more important. It isn’t just about making feature films or having a shot at the Tropfest title – these interactive digital media skills are also incredibly useful in corporate settings, where big companies often source video content for internal communications, how-to and safety inductions, and event coverage.

Websites from news organisations to entertainment media are incorporating more video into their offerings, viral videos are getting larger audiences than commercial TV shows, and even magazines are expanding their horizons with digital content and actual video through smartphone apps like Viewa.

Knowing how to edit video is a heavily sought-after skill, but you might also find work opportunities as a producer, scriptwriter, camera operator or post-production manager.

Thanks to our cross-platform educational philosophy, you’ll have the ability to take on a range of roles without stress! Continue Reading..

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Every year, AIT awards amazing students who demonstrate their extraordinary work ethic and talent when applying to study with us.

The initiAIT scholarship is for new undergraduate students commencing at AIT Bachelor Degree in the 2017 academic year. This scholarship is only available to domestic students. Recipients of this scholarship will be awarded an $8,000 discount off their tuition fees (50% applicable for their first term and 50% for their last term of their Bachelor Degree).

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Meet Our Students

Joseph Foti
Joseph FotiBIM (Film)
In the future I want to become a film maker, cinematographer or a director. View Profile
PeeJay Svoboda
PeeJay SvobodaBIM (Film)
I’m a laid back fellow with a passion for creativity in a variety of mediums. View Profile

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