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The game industry is worth more than $100 billion globally, and continues to expand each year. Gaming now extends far beyond PS3 and Xbox as it encompasses indie games, mobile device games, educational games and more. The movie Avatar took a whole year to make $1billion in sales, GTA5 took just three days. Games have quickly become the dominant sector of the entertainment world, and this sophisticated and competitive field has plenty of opportunities for a rewarding career. If you’re an aspiring interface designer, 3D artist or simply want to redefine interactive storytelling, there’s never been a better time to get on board.

Developed in consultation with industry experts, our courses cover the latest in design thinking as well as teaching you the necessary skills for advanced game development. Explore a range of narrative elements, including graphics, animation, storytelling and scriptwriting, and apply them to the creation of interactive media.

Work within the broader context of fields such as web design and film, increasing your general knowledge and career crossover potential. Learn programming techniques from industry leaders, combine practical knowledge with imagination and discover the limitless possibilities of the digital world.

We will ensure you are professionally qualified to work in the games industry, and our student advisors will support you with job placement options when you graduate. Whether you’re interested in building expansive fantasy worlds, designing the next addictive phone app or applying gamification techniques to educational software, this is the field for you.

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Why Study Game Design at AIT

  • Practical, hands-on approach to learning
  • Latest in technical equipment and software
  • Industry-active teachers with real-world experience
  • Knowledge-sharing opportunities in a welcoming environment
  • Smaller classes for personalised lessons
  • Full range of game styles, from casual to indie to hardcore
  • Outcome-focused – go where the jobs are
game development courses

Bachelor of Interactive Media (Game Development)

Learn everything about the process by which video games are produced, through a combination of different digital media techniques. With a firm grounding in the fundamentals of the craft, graduate with a professional portfolio of awesome games and a broad range of other digital skills to compliment your specialisation. Set yourself up for further advanced study and a bright future in the games industry.

game development courses

Diploma of Interactive Media

If you’re interested in gaining valuable skills in a variety of digital realms, this one-year game design course is for you. Our hands-on approach means you will be learning everything you need to know in order to make meaning through games, while also gaining practical experience in related fields like animation and film making.

game design courses sydney

game design courses sydney

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of Our Best Student Work Is Featured Below.

Learn how to make amazing games like this in a short period of time by studying game design courses at the Academy of Information Technology. Learn the Art of character modelling, rigging, motion capture and rendering, create virtual worlds & more!!

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This interactive seminar is a great way to get further information on our curriculum, course requirements, study pathways, and talk to our friendly staff & students.
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Keen to learn skills in creative drawing, 3D modelling, game design, film editing, digital design or app development? Join us at the Academy of Information Technology for a FREE one-day workshop so you can explore your creative potential.
Upcoming Sessions Sydney:
  • Saturday 21 January (9:30am – 4pm)
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Upcoming Sessions Melbourne
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Careers in Game Design

Has there been a bigger shift in the way we consume a form of media than what’s happened with games over the past decade? No longer confined to overclocked PCs or consoles, games are everywhere – and everyone plays them.

Even free titles on iPhones are big business, pulling in major advertising dollars and IAPs. That means the companies behind hits like Candy Crush Saga have plenty of money to invest in the next generation of game developers, chasing the next big hit.

careers in game design

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