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Everyone plays games these days – one look around the bus or on your Facebook notifications is enough to show you how popular they are. The industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the entertainment economy, with A-level titles outearning the big Hollywood hits. AIT’s game design courses show you how to be a part of that world, teaching you the skills you need to be a success anywhere game design is used – whether in educational software, viral marketing or app store best-sellers.

“One of the cool things about AIT, because they teach gaming, is when you walk into a classroom and it’s full of people just busy playing games against each other. It’s really funny and fun to see that in a learning environment.”
Rivqah Christie

Featuring 12 hands-on and practical subjects, the Diploma of Digital Media Technologies is a one-year game design course that provides plenty of practical experience in a wide range of digital media. You will build a well-rounded skill set while using key game development techniques to create your own interactive narratives.

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Course Overview

Your specialisation will give you the ability to design games for a variety of platforms. Using software like Flash and the Unreal Development Kit (UDK), you will turn fun concepts into entertaining products, learning through practice what makes good gameplay and how to keep people coming back for another round.

Our range of digital media subjects mean you will combine these techniques with skills from related disciplines to enhance your games. Originate and develop concepts in Pre-Production, before you start programming. Manipulate vision and sound in Screen Editing. Bring characters and gamepieces to life in Intro to 3D.

Undertake a course of 12 subjects over 12 months. You will have 20 hours a week contact time with teachers and fellow students in addition to personal project development time.

Everything at AIT is aimed at getting you ready for a variety of roles in the digital industry. Our game design courses are outcome-focused, with specific subjects relating to the construction of a portfolio and social media branding, with a strong emphasis on finding work after graduation.

Subject Units – Diploma of Interactive Media

Year 1
Term 1 Digital Storytelling Creative Drawing Shooting and Editing Animation
Term 2 Screen language Digital Images Game Design Intro to 3D Animation

After honing your hands-on game design skills in our Diploma of Digital Media Technologies, you have the opportunity to progress into AIT’s Bachelor of Interactive Media. In addition to adding some useful theory to the practical knowledge you’ve learnt so far, you’ll receive credit for eight of the 24 subjects in the Bachelor, so you can graduate with both qualifications in the time it usually takes to complete a standard Bachelor.

Games are huge business these days, and the sector is expanding all the time – both in terms of profits and the maturity of the form. AIT graduates have been actively involved in some of the mainstream industry’s biggest hits – for example, three of them worked with Team Bondi on developing acclaimed action-adventure title L.A. Noire, which was Australia’s highest grossing immersive game.

Beyond the mainstream industry, you’ll have the skills to launch your own indie studio, working on the next viral hit for people to play on the train to work. While you wait for that to take off, there are plenty of organisations crying out for employees with game development skills – and you’ll find them in areas you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Gamification has become a massive trend in educational thinking, meaning schools and related organisations are turning to experts like you to make learning fun.

A qualification in game development means you’ll be prepared for a career that incorporates such diverse roles as level designer, motion graphics artist, app developer and sound engineer.

AIT is a member of the Game Developers Association of Australia. That means you’ll have access to the cream of the industry, so you can pitch ideas and apply for work even before you graduate! Continue Reading..

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Every year, AIT awards amazing students who demonstrate their extraordinary work ethic and talent when applying to study with us.

The initiAIT scholarship is for new undergraduate students commencing at AIT Bachelor Degree in the 2017 academic year. This scholarship is only available to domestic students. Recipients of this scholarship will be awarded an $8,000 discount off their tuition fees (50% applicable for their first term and 50% for their last term of their Bachelor Degree).

For more information, head to http://www.ait.nsw.edu.au/scholarship/.

Meet Our Students

Mary Hooper
Mary HooperBIM (Games)
I either want to work in 3D or the gaming industry…or something in film or maybe fashion! View Profile
Karla Wilks
Karla WilksBIM
A student who enjoys video games, voice acting, film and animation. View Profile

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Keen to learn skills in creative drawing, 3D modelling, game design, film editing, digital design or app development? Join us at the Academy of Information Technology for a FREE one-day workshop so you can explore your creative potential.
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Other Game Design Courses

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Learn everything about the process by which video games are produced, through a combination of different digital media techniques. With a firm grounding in the fundamentals of the craft, graduate with a professional portfolio of awesome games and a broad range of other digital skills to compliment your specialisation. Set yourself up for further advanced study and a bright future in the games industry.

Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media

This super-focused diploma is a great study option for people interested in gaining an advanced understanding of the tools and techniques used in the games industry, from motion capture to the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) to the Autodesk suite.

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