Bachelor of IT (Mobile Applications Development)

Do you have a million-dollar idea for an app? We can help you make it a reality. As technology becomes more sophisticated and flexible, online audiences are relying less on sites that begin with “www”, accessing more of their entertainment and information through mobile platforms.

Working in conjunction with the industry experts, AIT has created the first Bachelor of IT in Australia to focus specifically on developing mobile apps.

Utilising a dynamic curriculum that is constantly updated in line with industry trends, this is a groundbreaking suite of classes that will see you design and refine your own app ideas, from concept to market. In addition, you will graduate as a qualified web developer, with the ability to build and maintain your own sites.

The Bachelor of IT (Mobile Applications Development) is a three-year (or two-year accelerated) degree with a hands-on focus, supplementing theory with practical experience in programming, technical design, testing and systems analysis. Where other courses of this type focus on old-school topics like networking, our forward-thinking classes prepare you specifically for the future needs of the mobile industry.

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Course Overview

A comprehensive education in bringing mobile apps from idea to reality, Bachelor of IT focuses on the skills necessary to program for a variety of platforms, as well as how to ensure your product is interactive, user-centric and stable from back-end to front-end. You will create apps for iOS and Android, and cross into other digital media areas to ensure you have a foundation in design, 2D interactivity, virtual world creation and other relevant fields.

Undertake a course of 24 subjects in four key learning areas. You will have 16 hours a week classroom time with teachers and fellow students in addition to personal project development time.

Our courses are outcome-focused, with subjects relating to the construction of a strong portfolio of apps that will be ready to show future employers, as well as sell in iTunes and the Android marketplace! We place an emphasis on finding work after graduation and give you the opportunity for industry internships in your final year.

Subject Units – Bachelor of IT (Mobile Applications Development)

Note:  Class choices are flexible, and subject to change based on your preferences.

Year 1
Term 1 C++ 1 Introduction to Web Information Systems Foundation Programming
Term 2 C++ 2 Database Systems Web Design Discreet Mathematics
Year 2
Term 3 Foundation Networks Enterprise Systems (FE) Digital Project Management JAVA Application Development
Term 4 Systems Analysis and Design Advanced Web Mobile Apps Android (FE) Introduction to Software Engineering
Year 3
Term 5 UX/UI Advanced Studio #1 (Capstone) External Project Mobile Apps iOS (FE)
Term 6 Cross-Platform Apps Data-Driven Apps Advanced Studio #2 (Capstone) Elective

The Bachelor of Interactive Technologies (Mobile Applications Development) is a unique higher-education degree. When you have successfully completed it, you have the necessary qualifications to apply to undertake a Masters degree in the field at any university in Australia.

The success of your application is at the discretion of the university – they might require the additional submission of a portfolio, or have other prerequisites. When applying, contact the university for more information, or have a look at their website. AIT staff are happy to assist you in preparing an application.

The backbone of everything else we achieve in the realm of interactive digital media, IT is a constantly in-demand specialisation. Your main talents will lie in the design and development of mobile apps and games, but our courses also teach the ins and out of web design and development. This makes you valuable to any company looking to build an online presence with which to promote their product, and doubly valuable to a company promoting a mobile app in that space.

We have worked closely with companies like Quantum Web, a Sydney-based web design company who hired an AIT graduate after just three weeks of interning. Corporate services supergroup Antares Solutions, a local partner of Microsoft, is  taking on some of our IT students as interns this year and beyond, as they are starved for talented app designers. That’s a trend we’re hearing more and more, so there’s no better time to gain the knowledge and skills you need to get on board this fast-growing sector.

By studying the BIT(MAD) at AIT, you could end up as an app developer or extend your skills into other areas to be become a multimedia developer, web developer, special effects, interactivity specialist, programmer or information architect. Continue Reading..

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Every year, AIT awards amazing students who demonstrate their extraordinary work ethic and talent when applying to study with us.

The initiAIT scholarship is for new undergraduate students commencing at AIT Bachelor Degree in the 2017 academic year. This scholarship is only available to domestic students. Recipients of this scholarship will be awarded an $8,000 discount off their tuition fees (50% applicable for their first term and 50% for their last term of their Bachelor Degree).

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Meet Our Students

Steven Sinatra
Steven SinatraDiploma of Software Dev.
I want to be part of a technology based start-up. I want to be part of a company that changes the world! View Profile
Massimo Presta
Massimo PrestaBIT (Mobile Apps)
I enjoy the challenges life brings every day, and of course I love good food and good wine! View Profile

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