Join Coder Factory Academy (CFA) and Academy of Information Technology (AIT), along with guest speakers from Code for Australia and the Mitchellake Group, in better understanding how to navigate the ever-evolving technology industry, and addressing the tech talent shortages we have across Australia.

How will we change this? It comes down to the industry and YOU! 

As we all know, there is a huge shortage of quality developers with various programming language and framework skillsets.

  • We see that most tech companies like to give back to the developer community and provide mentorship to junior devs.How can we see more of this at an educational level? Will this help attract more women in tech?
  • I’m sure you also experience the extreme shortage of quality developers in the market and would love to help improve the situation.
  • We hear over and over that companies will “only hire senior developers”.

How to Get Started in Tech

One of the most challenging decisions when entering the tech industry is understanding where to start, and where the market is really heading. Yes, both web and mobile programming are in demand, but:

  • What technology stacks are most being occupied in the workplace?
  • What companies are looking for in hiring people?
  • How quickly do these technology skills change?
  • What is the future of programming and where is it most likely going to head?
  • What is the diversity ratio in tech? Are there more women getting to tech for instance?
  • What are the job opportunities out there?

Talks by some of the best in the industry will demystify these questions by sharing:

  • their stories of getting into development
  • why they chose this industry
  • what they currently do day-to-day
  • what needs to be changed to attract more people to industry

Guest Speakers and Presentations:

Annie Denton – Mitchellake – Principal Consultant at Mitchellake

  • Will talk about what companies are now looking for in developers, where the future skills of development will be in more demand, current industry trends and what new people in the industry need to keep in mind.

Adam Murray – Coder for Australia – Head of Community at Code for Australia

  • Adam will discuss about the future of Code for Australia and how technology can positively impact society on a social change level. Whilst technology is fantastic to help build new companies, but how can technology change the way we live, help people who are in need and create more meaningful and sustainable impact in the wider community.

Sylvia Lee – Current CFA Student who has Studied a PhD in Information Systems at RMIT

  • Sylvia is currently a new student as part of the Coder Factory Fast Track Course. Sylvia is a mature-age student in the class and whilst her academia successes speak for itself, she realised Coder Factory and a pragmatic way of learning was the best thing for her in order to increase her chances to have a greater value impact in tech.

Chris Paytner – Creative Technologist and Technology Evangelist. 

  • Chris Paynter is a speaker, adviser and Creative Technologist, with a rich background insoftware development and the design and creation of digital products. His work has won numerous awards domestically and has also received global recognition as a 2016 Webby Awards honouree. In the past, Chris has led online marketing at one of the world’s largest independent record labels, overseen user experience testing at a major telecommunications company, founded a share housing startup, spent time learning in digital agencies in the UK and Europe, as well as many other diverse experiences which has contributed to his love of getting away from the norm and finding new problems to solve. Chris now primarily focuses on the intersection of people, design, technology and business strategy, and the creation of work that packs measurable impact and value. He is passionate about helping teams and leaders utilise technology in a way that helps them create and deliver more value, whilst saving time and having fun doing it, a topic he’s currently authoring his first book on.

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