The Academy of Information Technology is proud to offer students access to our brand new, state of the art green screen room. Green screen technology has been a staple of the film and special effects industry for a number of years. With green screen, it is simple to display yourself in any fantastic location that you can imagine. This allows our students to unleash their creativity and create movie quality backdrops.

AIT’s coordinator of Film Patrick Huang explains how Green screen is used in conjunction with our courses and how it challenges students to think of creative solutions to communicate their stories:

“We use Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects for Green Screen compositing. It has only one simple but extremely important purpose: to allow the filmmakers to remove the green colour in the back and replace with any 2D or 3D environment they desire. When logistics get in the way and the actors are not able to travel to the actual location, or the location simply doesn’t exist (i.e. the interior of a space shuttle from 31st century) they use green screen for the actual filming of the actor, and composite the background in post-production.

This process allows filmmakers to create the film set anyway they want right on their computer screen. Sometimes it can be a difficult task for the actor, because there is simply no environment to react to. This is where their creative problem solving really kicks in as they have to transport themselves to the scene they are trying to create. It can be challenging but it always extremely fun to see what students can come up with.

AIT’s green screen is just one of the ways AIT is leading the crowd when it comes to digital technology. It was opened for use on the 28th of May 2014 and is available for use for all students studying our Bachelor of Interactive Media.