AIT was the first educational institution in Australia to offer courses in motion capture technology. The current system taught at AIT was manufactured by Organic Motion of New York, and is the first of its kind implemented in Australia. Motion capture, aka MoCap, is an innovative real-time solution combining hardware and software for motion tracking and real-time animation.

This equipment enables animators to easily transform the motion of a person into a digital signal where the animator could effortlessly control the virtual character. The hardware compromises of sixteen camera sensors installed around the system which detects the full range of movements by the actor and replicates the realistic human movement onto a character.

Similar technology was used in the production of films such as Happy Feet, Avatar, Lord of the Rings, and to produce some of the best-selling international video games like Uncharted 2 and Assassin’s Creed.

These digitised movements may be applied to a wide range of unique functions and research such as high level game interface and virtual stage performance (e.g. performance of the virtual band Gorillaz).

Our motion capture facility not only empowers students to add realistic human-like behaviour to their original games and animation work (1) which they can add to their professional portfolio, but also provides unique skills that can be taken to different industries, such as entertainment industry, military, science, engineering, etc.

Students usually start off with a 11-second animation in the MoCap replicating a movie scene, and end up with a more complex 60-second animation at the end of the term where they show the progression of their skills and their ability with Motion Capture and 3D animation. AIT is the most experienced institution in Australia teaching the motion capture technology, and AIT students are better prepared taking advantage of the latest technology available!