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AIT offer specialist industry-based courses in animation, games, film, design, business, mobile app and web development.

Intakes: January, March, May, July, September & November 

Animation Courses

Produce animated short films for the growing digital media industry! Bring life and movement to a virtual world in both 2D and 3D. Read More..

Game Design Courses

Craft interactive playable narratives as you learn the skills needed to join this explosive and popular sector! Read More..

Film Making Courses

Hands-on experience and practical knowledge await as we walk you through every step of the film-making process. Read More..

Digital Design Courses

Let your creativity run wild and master expert artistic techniques with an eye to the future of this exciting field. Read More..

IT Courses

Specialising in mobile app development and web development, our IT courses are perfect for students interested in joining the growing mobile, web and games industry. Read More..

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Digital Marketing Courses

Declutter the world of Digital Marketing and learn the skills you need to supplement your business from the comfort of your own home! Read More..

Over 5,000 Graduates, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

We love our students, and they love Us.

It’s been great to learn the art of editing films and other visual media at AIT. It’s also great because of the job opportunities available, I’ve already had the opportunity to work on a set and edit music videos to a professional standard, and get paid whilst still a student.
Jordan Berry, Bachelor of Interactive Media (Film)
One of the cool things about AIT, because they teach gaming, is when you walk into a classroom and it’s full of people just busy playing games against each other. It’s really funny and fun to see that in a learning environment.
Rivqah Christie, Bachelor of Interactive Media
I wanted to do everything! I thought I’d be more valuable that way. I looked at other colleges, but they separate 3D and 2D. Here, everything is included in one course. That’s why I chose AIT.
Arm Chirachariyakool, Diploma of Interactive Digital Media

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