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Digital is set to explode, with audiences growing across the board and revenue following suit. Australia will be one of the world’s leading digital economies by 2020, so the time to get on board is right now!

Developed in consultation with industry experts, AIT’s broad range of courses offer the best introduction to the world of digital creatives. Utilising the latest in cutting-edge technology and a staff of professionals still active in the industry, we provide a hands-on, personalised approach to showing you the ropes.

Whereas other learning institutions spend the majority of your time on theory, rarely venturing outside the textbook, AIT is committed to offering each student an outcome-focused education that will see you developing a portfolio, making industry connections and developing a useful, practical knowledge of your chosen discipline.

Beyond the specifics of your course, you will interact with a range of students and staff from here and abroad, becoming part of a community that supports and promotes your dreams. AIT is flexible, offering the capacity to move between disciplines, and access to specialised knowledge that nevertheless allows for flexibility and a general education in the world of information technology.

Whether you want to be an animator, filmmaker, game designer or project manager, AIT will put you on the path to success!

Why Choose AIT

  • Industry active teaching staff a friendly, multicultural community
  • Friendly, multicultural community
  • Personalised and supportive learning environment
  • Hands-on, practical and portfolio focused
  • Open pathways to major universities
  • Access to industry professionals and the opportunity for internships
  • Constantly evolving syllabus keeps up with technological advances
  • Become a specialist in one field and develop a broad range of skills across the digital landscape

2D & 3D Animation Courses

Whether you’re keen to pitch to Pixar or want to work in one of the many other fields using animation, our courses offer a solid grounding in digital illustration, storyboarding, animation and storytelling. Combining theory with practical skills, you will learn the history of animation, how to create characters and how to bring them to life! But animation goes beyond robots and wizards, with industries such as advertising, online, TV…and even architects looking for experts to render 3D models of their work.

There are job opportunities across the globe for talented animators, so the best time to start learning is immediately!


Game Design Courses

Our graduates have been intimately involved in the creation of Australia’s most successful titles, like Team Bondi’s LA Noire, but this isn’t just about immersive blockbusters. Games are becoming bigger business than Hollywood, and there are plenty of possibilities for people keen to get into the industry. Indie titles like Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds have become wildly successful with small teams, and the education market is crying out for clever games to do everything from training pilots to keeping kids engaged as they learn to count.

Our courses cover a combination of digital media techniques including game design, graphics, animation, storytelling, scriptwriting and programming.


Film Making Courses

The local film industry is booming, and there are many, many different roles you can slot into. Our focus is on taking you through the entire process of making a movie, from start to finish. With the latest camera and SFX technology, we guide you from scriptwriting to post-production, and by the end of your time here you will not only have experience in making a film by yourself, you will have worked as part of a team.

Partner with local musicians to make filmclips, learn to shoot documentaries and gain valuable access to industry professionals through our highly qualified teachers. We ensure every student is prepared for their dream job while also picking up a general suite of skills useful on any production.


IT Courses

The rapid expansion of apps and the rise of mobile technology has been a game-changer, and AIT has responded with the first course of its kind in Australia, dealing specifically with development of material for the mobile market. Programming-focused, these subjects provide you with the knowledge, skills and technologies to design and develop complex software across a range of mobile and web platforms.

We take you through the process of building an idea to present to the public, meaning you will graduate with market-ready apps in a portfolio to show potential employers…or put up for sale in the app stores!



Digital Design Courses

While all our courses involve creativity, imagination and practical skills, this is the one to pick if you’re an artist, because it has been formulated to appeal to and expand your skill set.

Balancing traditional graphic design with a digital focus, we offer drawing classes, title and credits as well as photography, web design and corporate communications, to help you build an enviable and diverse portfolio. Essentially, this is design for the digital world – a necessity as our culture shifts in that direction and jobs migrate from print to online.


Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of Our Best Student Work Is Featured Below.

Learn how to make amazing animations, films & games like these in a short period of time by studying at the Academy of Information Technology.

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This interactive seminar is a great way to get further information on our curriculum, course requirements, study pathways, and talk to our friendly staff & students.
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Keen to learn skills in creative drawing, 3D modelling, game design, film editing, digital design or app development? Join us at the Academy of Information Technology for a FREE one-day workshop so you can explore your creative potential.
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