IT courses

IT Courses

Kick start your career in web design, mobile development and software development with AIT’s industry focussed IT courses!

The face of the IT world has changed dramatically over the past few years. The rise of smartphones means an unprecedented number of people are accessing information through apps more than any other platform – and more people are playing mobile games than ever.

Web design, mobile development and software development are our three IT focuses at AIT. Our mobile app development course is the first of its kind in Australia, with a range of cross-platform subjects that will prepare you to take advantage of the shifting market. You will develop complex software applications across a range of mobile and web platforms, and learn how to test, debug and refine them for the market.

Unlike a lot of institutions, our goal is to make you not only a qualified programmer, but also teach you web design skills from a programming perspective, so your talents will extend across separate but related disciplines.

It only takes one good idea to strike it big in the world of mobile software, and our knowledgeable teachers will be there to guide and develop your concept so you graduate with market-ready apps that will also look great in your portfolio.

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Why Study IT at AIT

  • First Bachelor of IT (Mobile Applications Development) program in Australia
  • Industry-active expert teachers who really know their stuff
  • Outcome-based educational philosophy – you will graduate with a strong portfolio
  • Internship opportunities for outstanding students
  • Dynamic curriculum tailored to your needs
  • Flexibility and creativity-driven coursework
bachelor of IT

Bachelor of IT (Mobile Applications Development)

Build an impressive portfolio of cross-platform apps in this innovative IT course, made to prepare you for an exciting career in a burgeoning field. A focus on programming will see you learning transferable skills, and the technical design and development elements of the bachelor will help you achieve your goal of turning software dreams into reality.

bachelor of IT

Diploma of Software Development

This is a unique IT course that will enable you to become a successful developer for web and mobile platforms. Emphasis is placed on developing basic skills in software development for apps and web design. This industry-recognised IT course is the perfect pathway for anyone considering further education or launching their a career in the rapidly growing mobile and web industries!

diploma of software development

diploma of software development

Upcoming Events

This interactive seminar is a great way to get further information on our curriculum, course requirements, study pathways, and talk to our friendly staff & students.
Upcoming Sessions Sydney:
  • Thursday 5 January 6pm-8pm
  • Monday 23 January 6pm-8pm
Upcoming Sessions Melbourne:
  • Thursday 5 January 6pm-8pm
  • Monday 18 January 6pm-8pm
Keen to learn skills in creative drawing, 3D modelling, game design, film editing, digital design or app development? Join us at the Academy of Information Technology for a FREE one-day workshop so you can explore your creative potential.
Upcoming Sessions Sydney:
  • Saturday 21 January (9:30am – 4pm)
  • Saturday 18 February (9:30am – 4pm)
Upcoming Sessions Melbourne
  • Saturday 28 January (9:30am – 4pm)
  • Saturday 25 February (9:30am – 4pm)

Careers in IT

Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock for the past five years, you will have noticed that apps have changed the way we interact with information, entertainment and each other. As revolutionary to our communications as anything that has happened since the internet came long, apps have become a core part of the way most of us live, deeply embedded in our daily routines.

We see what our friends are up to on social media, check the news on dedicated platforms and while away commuting hours playing games against the phone’s AI or opponents from around the world.

careers in IT

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